Basic life values like food, water and energy should be available for everyone.

Mother designs self-sufficiency tools and products for the home and small business by using proven technology from the industry. Our first product is Bloom.

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We try so hard, we do our best: why is it that a lot of our plants just don't grow indoors? Green-leafed plants (almost any plant from lettuce to herbs to tomatoes) need a lot of sunlight. A lot. More specifically deep red and deep blue light, wavelengths that actually are not available inside our homes (check out the graph below). Plants should also be placed where light is at its strongest and that's about 10-20cm away from the light source. Bloom takes care of all of that and makes sure you can grow almost any plant, according to your own wishes.


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Bloom is a super modular lighting product that can be installed in almost any setup (horizontal or vertical, on a countertop, table or even mounted onto the wall). It is designed with focus on user-interaction and product-lifetime. For those who want more control: you can connect with Bloom through your webbrowser from any device in order to specificate the time it wakes up, sleeps or even adjust its colors.

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Super modular

Bloom is a timeless light module that is designed for use in any interior or style. Offering both a black and white design, you can choose Bloom to blend in or stand out. Use bloom on the countertop, fix it onto a wall or install a vertical system: Bloom is super modular


We've cut all the frizzles and sizzles. Bloom is designed with a minimum amount of materials and focusses on easy disassemly and repair, even without making use of any glue. Bloom is made to last at least over 15 years and is an open system which works with any seeds or plants.

Plug & play

Plug Bloom into a 230V outlet and enjoy immediatly. Bloom wakes up at 4am and goes to sleep at 8pm, delivering your plant the exact amount of necessary light for an optimal growth. Swipe your hand above Bloom to dim the light or change its color to better observe your dear plants.

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More than a company, Mother is a movement towards self-sufficiency. We take steps into what we believe is the right direction. The bigger our steps, the better.

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